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Runs from Monday April 19 2021 to Thursday May 6 2021

Approximate running time: 0 hours and 45 minutes


Magnus Theatre Streaming
10 S. Algoma Street
Thunder Bay ON P7B 3A7

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Each ticket is good for one school

For Grades K - 3: LIG AND BITTLE by Elyne Quan and Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull

Lig is big and Bittle is little, and neither fit into their medium-sized worlds. With everything too big, or everything too small, they each yearn for a place where they belong, where their clothes fit and where they don’t stand out for being different. When a mysterious speck of dust extends an invitation to the magical world of Perfekt Phitt, Lig and Bittle each set out on a quest to find the place where they both fit in. Lig and Bittle is a charming and energetic musical comedy that celebrates the strengths of diversity, and points out that its the journey, and not the destination, that makes us who we are.

Themes: Difference, Inclusion, Conflict Resolution, Self-image, Self-Advocacy and Friendship.

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